** We offer lunch on Sat., Sun. and holidays (days with L mark and written in red color) from 12:00 to 15:00.
** The schedule is subject to change.
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  Country Chef Chef's Language Event Schedule
1 (Mon)   Closed due to New Year  
2 (Tue)    
3 (Wed)    
4 (Thu)          
5 (Fri)          
6 (Sat) L Thailand Swanna  Thai, Japanese  Contract bridge :Regular meeting
7 (Sun) L Nepal Usha  Nepalese, English, Japanese  
8 (Mon) L Korea Moon  Korean, English, Japanese   
9 (Tue)   Closed    
10 (Wed)    
11 (Thu)           
12 (Fri)          
13 (Sat) L Korea Lim Korean, English, Japanese  Contract bridge :Regular meeting
14 (Sun) L Russia Lilia  Russian, English, Japanese   
15 (Mon)          
16 (Tue)   Closed    
17 (Wed)    
18 (Thu)          
19 (Fri)          
20 (Sat) L Philippines Andrew Tagalog, English  Contract bridge :Regular meeting
21 (Sun) L Vietnam Lam Nhi  VIetnamese, English, Japanese       
22 (Mon)          
23 (Tue)   Closed   Craft club (13:30-16:00)
24 (Wed)    
25 (Thu)          
26 (Fri)          
27 (Sat) L India Sugandhi  Tamil, English, Japanese  Contract bridge :Regular meeting
28 (Sun) L Vietnam Phan May Huong Vietnamese, English  Chess :Regular meeting
29 (Mon)          
30 (Tue)   Closed    
 31 (Wed)    
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