World Foods Restaurant

Taste Delicious Dishes
and Learn the Culture of Other Countries!

Chikyukan offers you to try the taste of the foods from other countries,
and communicate with the foreign residents in Nagasaki.

If you are from a foreign country,
why don't you cook dishes from your country in Chikyukan
and have conversation with Japanese residents?
You will have a chance to introduce them the culture of your country,
so that they can know more about your country.
In addition, you may find good Japanese friends,
who you can associate with for the rest of your life!

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World Foods Restaurant
Some of the photoes of the
dishes we have offered so far
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Lola from Madagascar, explaining about the food

By now we have offered 71 country and regional cuisines listed below

Ireland, America, Argentina, England, Italy, Iran,India,Indonesia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Australia,Holland,
,Ghana,Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, Greece, Guatemala, Kenya, Costa Rica, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo,
Spain, Sri Lanka, Senegal,Thailand, Tanzania,China, Tunisia, Germany, Turkey, Nigeria, New Zealand,Nepal,
, Pakistan,Panama, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Republic of the Philippines, Finland, Brazil, France, Vietnam, Venezuela,
Republic of Belarus,
Peru, Madagascar, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Jordan, Luxembourg, Afghanistan,
El Sarvador,
Guinea, Syria, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Poland, South Africa, Laos, Lebanon, Russia, Rwanda

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