KKJ Prospectus

What is international exchange?

It is often said in Japan that international exchange is very important in these days.
But what is international exchange?
What do you imagine when you hear the term, international exchange?

Speaking English? Having friends with blue eyes?
Travelling or studying abroad?
Many Japanese people tend to think about the international exchange in that way.

Of course, it is OK to have their own images about the international exchange.
However, we think what stated above are only a part of or a means of it.
It may sound a bit to be overstated, but we believe that
the international exchange is the activity to build the peace of the world.

What Is KKJ's Aim?
Nagasaki Kokusai Koryu Juku (KKJ) is established to offer opportunities for people, regardless of nationality, religion, gender and age, to think, experience and practice the followings.
1. Understanding the Culture of Other Countries
KKJ offers you a lot of opportunities to enjoy some sports and/or music etc.. Through the activities, you will see the difference of culture between your country and the other countries. And then you will have a chance to learn how to build a relationship of mutual trust and an attitude to respect each other after overcoming the difference.
2. Understanding the Culture of Our Own Country
If you continue participating in activities KKJ offers and communicating with people from different countries, you will gain a deep insight into the real nature of your culture by looking through the glasses of different culture. We believe that it is your chance to learn about your own country and culture again.
3. Understanding Ourselves
When you start thinking about the culture of your own country, you will probably start being aware of your values and thoughts too. Then you may find in your mind the sense of discrimination against somebody that you haven't been aware of. It is very important to think about or have an insight into yourself again, and to realize the sense of discrimination in yourself. If you can do it, you will be able to overcome it and respect the others when you communicate with people from different countries.
4. Being Active
What you will get will be very fruitful if you actively participate in KKJ's activities. On the other hand, it would be less fruitful if you are passive. When you participate in the activities, please try to act on your own initiative as well as cooperating with the others.
5. Doing What We Can Do as a Citizen of the Earth
There are many serious problems in the world, such as war and the maldistribution of wealth, that we have to think about and solve together as a citizen of the Earth in order for the peaceful world and society. To solve these problems, we have to do by ourselves what we can do to solve the small yet similar problems around us, but not just wait for or rely on that governments and companies do something. For instance, it is very important to commit ourselves in saving energy and recycling or not allowing bullying in school. Let's start from what we can do today!

What Does KKJ Do?
KKJ operates following activities to accomplish the aim stated above. There are many activities that not only KKJ members but also the others can join, please feel free to ask us anytime about the activities or events in which you are interested!
1. Management and Operation of Higashiyamate "Chikyukan"
KKJ manage and operate Higashiyamate "Chikyukan" as a place where everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality and religion, can enjoy cultural exchange, study and think about international issues.
2. Various Club Activities
KKJ consists of some clubs that offer the opportunities for international exchange through enjoying sports and other cultural activities. Each club has a leader and holds a meeting once a month/week.
3. Other Special Events for International Exchange
KKJ occationally hosts special events, such as the welcome hiking for new international students, farewell party, badminton competition and short trips, etc..
4. Charity Events
KKJ usually donates the proceeds of events to some NGOs that support people in the developing countries. Also, KKJ sometimes hold its own charity event when its member propose it.