NSCC Prospectus

Our Purpose
1. We will make a place where everyone can play chess freely in Nagasaki, where chess was inported and played for the first time in Japan.
2. We will engage in bringing up the thinking power of children in Nagasaki through chess.
3. We will give opportunities to local residents to obtain social awareness and build generous personality by playing chess with many people regardless of gender, age and nationality.
4. We will communicate with the other chess groups in the cities closely related to Nagasaki through the mutual visit and/or the regular and continuous match on the Internet.
5. We will try to acquire a cosmopolitan attitude through the matches with foreign residents in Nagasaki.
6. We will send players to the Chess Olympic and/or Japan Junior Chess Championship from Nagasaki near future. Also we will try to invite these events to Nagasaki and hold a local chess competition in Nagasaki.

Our Activities
1. Hold a regular meeting twice a month. (the 2nd Sunday & the 4th Saturday)
2. Hold a chess class for beginners once a month in Chikyukan.
3. Host the Settlement Chess Competition and the Settlement Kids Chess Competition in Nagasaki Settlement Festival.
4. Hold a chess class for children in a community center.
5. Communicate with the other chess clubs in Nagasaki's sister cities through the matches on the Internet.
6. Import and sell goods related to chess.

Guidance for Admission
Requirements If you are willing to play chess and make a lot of friends, you are more than welcome! (If you have never played chess, please participate in our chess class first!)
Admission Fee 1,000 yen (Currently free)
Monthly Fee Adult 500 yen (Currently free)
Child 300 yen (Currently free)
Regular Meeting the 2nd Sunday & the 4th Saturday every month
* Even if you are NOT a NSCC member, you can participate in our regular meetings.
[Participation Fee for Non-members]
Adult 350 yen/1 time
Child 200 yen/1 time
(Currently free)
To join Nagasaki Settlement Chess Club (NSCC), please click the icon right, fill in the application form and press "Send" button.